Get to work

A man walks into his office, hurried and a mess. His boss notices he is late and asks, ‘Why did you come to work like that?’

The man looked down at his un-tucked shirt and replies,

‘Well, this morning I woke up to see that my dog ate my cigarettes so……I got high. It isn’t usually part of my morning routine but hey, it was there, I needed something to smoke so…..I got high. Then I realized I had been in my bathroom for over an hour so I found some clothes on the floor and rushed right in.’

The man stood there realizing what he had just said to his boss, worried about the repercussions. His boss takes a look around, leans forward and says, ‘Thanks for not calling in sick. Now get to work.’



About twinva10

I am a Mother, A Survivor and a Writer.
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