Learning materialism

I recently learned that children understand materialism around two years old. They see other people’s attachment to physical things and the child understands the comfort that is associated with ‘collecting’ material objects. This is reflected in the child’s need to always have a toy…or three near by and to carry around purses, book bags with a few of their favorite toys or objects, especially when entering new or uncertain situations. My point of explaining this is to point out that a mother’s relationship with material objects directly influences a child’s relationship with material objects. That means a child will feel secure, or un-secure depending on the materialistic value they have around them. Knowing this makes me want to live differently. If I have less but appreciate the few nice things I do have, maybe my children will copy. Maybe they will be easily satisfied with fewer material objects. Just maybe.


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I am a Mother, A Survivor and a Writer.
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2 Responses to Learning materialism

  1. Jay Jayachandran says:

    Hi Rebecca

    I really enjoyed your blog. It is pretty insightful. You are a good writer. Keep writing.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sharon says:

    Nice Blog Rebecca.I have though this same thing myself… especially when my children get the Gimmies. It is our generation. We spend so much time working and away from the family, and we try to make up for it by buying our kids. It is sad and I admit I have done it myself. If you figure out how to break the cycle let me know.

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