Being a stay at home Mom is hard. Not for the reasons that are obvious like chasing kids all day, not getting adult interaction or the financial hole it creates, but because of the extra mental energy I have. Everyday I think of ideas. Ideas for products to create, companies to start, and songs to write. I feel powerless to make any of them happen.

I feel like I don’t have the resources or the power or the money to make my ideas a reality. I know great people take great risk to make their dreams come true but as a Mom, am I allowed to ‘risk’ anything? Should my ideas be put on a shelf for a time where my kids don’t need me as much? Will my ideas come to me as often as they do now if I put them on hold for years?

 Today, I called my twin. She reassured me and had good advice. She said to use my frustration as a motivator. Use it to drive my ideas, to make them happen. Not to give up at the first sign of opposition but instead use the opposition as a positive motivator.

Who is to say that I can’t do anything I really put my mind to? Is it me, my own self, that is in the way of reaching my full potential? I think the answer is yes. My ideas can be researched to see if they are worth pursuing. Just doing the research might lead me to think of a new idea and one day, one of these ideas will work. I just need to not give up on them at the first sign of risk.


About twinva10

I am a Mother, A Survivor and a Writer.
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  1. This is so true even for working moms. Well half home half working moms such as I. Well written.

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