In the past two weeks on the couch I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on my life and the events that have come to pass. Such common phrases have been said to me, ‘This to shall pass’ or ‘Everything happens for a reason’ which made me question, What reason do these events have?

I think for the most part people say these phrases to get someone through a hard moment in time but so often people do not learn the lesson of the event. They just get through it and go back to life as it was before. I think I need to learn a lesson. Now, I know that sounds like something a Mother says to a child but how often do we command ourselves to learn something new from our own life?

 A wise man I know told me ““I can choose to be a person who has resulted simply from what has happened to me OR from what I have chosen to be and do, about what has happened.” What a profound statement. Choice? I have a choice? This is not something I had thought about before. I always feel like life is thrust upon me and I have to ‘deal’ with it. No more. When hard times come, I am going to make a commitment to myself to look beyond the event and investigate the lesson to be learned. I feel that this is the only way to be better prepared for the next time ‘something’ happens for a reason.


About twinva10

I am a Mother, A Survivor and a Writer.
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6 Responses to Purpose

  1. Very wise words and a wonderful way to live your life my friend. Lets try to remind each other about this.

  2. Poovalai Jayachandran says:

    Great Blog. Great writer. Must keep writing. That’s your purpose.

  3. Emily Conway says:

    You are incredibly insightful. Wonderful blog.

  4. Jay Jayachandran says:

    This blog is extremely profound. Enlightened woman!

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