This is the fourth blog I have written about music. I guess I felt my past blogs did not explain the emotional importance of music to me. I accidentally watched Glee last night and Gwyneth Paltrow sang Turning Tables by Adele. I am not going to lie, I cried. Not because the song has a particular meaning to me but because the piano and the vocals together was amazing. It made me realize I have turned my back from music, the same feeling a church goer might have after turning away from church.

I used to depend on music to get me through the worst of times. I dedicated a lot of my time to supporting and managing local musicians. Helping create and promote music from start to finish fulfilled me in a way nothing else could. I went to live shows and concerts as much as I could afford. I was part of the local music scene and it made me feel like I was part of something greater than myself. Once written, music has the power to live on forever in people’s memories and hearts just like a fairy tale. It can be sung over and over and can mean something different to each person that hears it. That is the power of music. It is not even addressing the power, courage and talent it takes to get up on a stage in front of people and perform a piece of art that comes straight from the heart of the musician. In many cases, this is one of the only ways a musician can feel whole. It is part of their emotional design. Not to mention the often ridiculous amount of criticism musicians face from family for pursuing their dreams even if their dream is just to perform at a local coffee house.

Music is an art form that allows us to feel what we are already feeling and helps explain those feelings and lets us know we are not alone. Someone else feels what we feel too. Someone else has the talent and courage to sing that feeling out loud and that is the power of music. Just one song might have got me through, one band’s album repeated over and over carried me when I couldn’t go on, and the power of that will never leave me. That is what music is to me. The power of the human soul to explain to other’s lost in the same sea of emotions. Long live music, my one true religion.

  Link to Gwyneth’s perofrmance.


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5 Responses to Music

  1. nataliegracie says:

    Beautifully written, Rebecca! I totally agree that music can almost be like a religion, and I can relate to everything that you said. I’ll never forget when we went to see Jimmy Eat World and you sang along to every word of “hear you me,” as though it was the soundtrack to your life. I think without music, a lot of us wouldn’t be able to express our words as well as the artists who created the songs. 🙂

    • twinva10 says:

      That was the first time out of many times I saw Jimmy Eat World. I thought you guys were going to kill me at that concert. I screamed so loud, and yes at that time a lot of the songs were the song track to my life. I am still a huge fan.

  2. jk says:

    Jez. You have a lot of time on your hands. Get a part time job or something

  3. Jay Jayachandran says:

    You are such a wonderful writer! This is your calling. Write girl write!

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